Purchasing Terms

Here are our terms for payments, shipping, refunds, exchanges, etc

Payment Terms:

FGM Supply accept credit card payment methods via Selz.com payment gateway, which is secure. We also accept Check and Money order, if you would like to pay by check or money order, please shoot us an email. Your shipment will be shipped our upon your check clearing, in which you will receive a tracking number from USPS or UPS

Shipping Terms:

FGM Supply uses mostly USPS and sometimes UPS for shipping, all shipments include a tracking number that will be sent to you via email or text message. All shipments are shipped with bubble wrap to prevent damage. We are not responsible for in-transit shipments that are damaged

Refund Terms:

FGM Supply will accept your refund, if and ONLY IF, our products are returned in perfection condition with no damage, including cosmetic damage, lost items or accessories, smuges, etc. Your refund can be sent by check, money order, or credit card. Your refund will be given within a week of us receiving the product back in perfect condition

Exchange Terms:

We currently do not engage in any exchange of products at this time.

Designer Goods and Luxury Item Policy and Terms

FGM Supply only sell AUTHENTIC designer goods and brands, we triple check for authenticity of the good AND we also triple check the sources as well, all designer goods are shipped with the proper certifications, tags, authenticity tags, cases and proper cloths, etc. FGM Supply sources ALL our designer goods in the USA with some imported from Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, England, and sometimes Germany). ALL These sources require business licence, direct phone consultations, sales tax form, references, etc. MOST of these sources require a minimum purchase of thousand of dollars in products up front!