Catapult Dunk Shooting Line Up Game

Hello, Reader I have a great offer for you from FGM Supply..but first I would like to say

"Great for hours of action-packed playing is the key to having fun and the Dunk Catapulte game would be a great addition to your game collection"

With that said, I would like to answer some questions regarding our product offer.

What is this and How is it different from others.

We are offering the Dunk Catapulte game, just for you. this Catapult Dunk Shooting Line Up Game features a disc launcher and tower with a top funnel to shoot the discs into.
Sink 4 shots in a row and win! For two players. For ages 4 and up. Oth

What is in it for me?
Hours of great fun, and you can purchase at a discount price and get delivery with tracking information

Is this real?

Yes, We are a registered company in Dekalb, IL, if you have questions call us at 1-779-444-1313

What is the problem with others sellers?

Other seller prices for this product might be too high, missing parts or might be untrustworthy

Who is to blame?

This problem is not your fault, and if you are reading this message, you are apart of a special group of people that can buy this product, for a limited time.

Why Now?

Why not now! we have this item in stock

Why should you trust you?

Like I stated before, we are a registered company in Dekalb, IL our number is 1-779-444-1313, you can email us as well.

How does this item work?

Directions are provided in the box. but basically you launch the colored disc into the tower, in numerous rounds for win.

How do I get started purchasing this product?

You are on the right page

What do I have to loose?

1. You can ignore this message and click somewhere else

2. You can ignore this message and look somewhere else for a similar product..but.
1. You might come across a "dropshipping company" that will make you wait 4 weeks for delivery
2. You might pay a high price.
3. You might not recieve a product at all
4. All or even MORE of the above..OUCH

3. You can purchase from US and..
1. Get timely delivery with tracking numbers
2. Get a discount on this product
3. We are not a "dropshipping company" we have the product in stock
4. All of the above

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