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How to Increase your sex appeal by 50% or more with 15-60 min daily!

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Listen to this audio 15-60 min daily for about 1 month.

During this time you can get a new wardrobe, cologne, shoes, etc. Reframe from masturbation and porn if you can during the month. Begin an exersice practice 3-4 times a week, for about 30 min-1 hour. May be take some supplements that increase energy and mediate for about 15-60 per day for the month. Read books about self-improvement. Imagine yourself talking to women with confidence and not caring about rejection, even harsh rejection. Start going to bars, public meeting places, nightclubs after the 1 month is up. If you are rejected, even harsh rejection..don't sweat it, the more you accept and know how to deal with rejection the sooner success will come! For continued success make the above actions part of your daily life.

What is this?

It's a full one hour hypnosis session to boost your confidence and increase your sex appeal

What is in it for me?

You can increase your sex appeal by 50% or more over time

What is the real problem with other products?

They do not have a plan of action like we do, which makes this effective ( read above)

Who is to blame for this?

No one, some sellers of similar products don't know what to do, but since you are reading this message, you are a part of a special group of people.

How does this work?

After you purchase you can download the mp3, then follow the directions above, Like you hygiene, no porn/masturbation, practice speaking skills, during this time.

What do I have to loose?

You have 3 options?

1. You can ignore this message and product, go about your way

2. You can look for another similar product, but... The price might be too high. No plan of action. No instant delivery of product. All of the above..OUCH

3. You can take our offer and... Benefit from our low price. Take advantage of our plan of action with the product. Get instant file delivery of the product. All of the above

Affirmations in the audio..You might not hear them that much, because they are whispered to penetrate the subconsciousness mind


I am attractive
I am a woman magnet
I dress in a way that is sexy to women
I am confident
I wear cologne that attracts and smells sexy to women
I hold very sexy eye contact with women
I can make love for hours at a time
I get laid like a rock star
I am seductive with my words
I have sexy body language that attracts women and communicates dominance
I think of sexy conversations with women
I am charming
I talk in a dominate sexy voice
I am so good at sex
I am so good in bedI am attractive.
I am the best lover a women has ever had
I am turned on by the scent of a women
I walk in a dominate sexy way
I am pursued by women sexually
I am sexually desired by women
I am enjoying an active sex life with beautiful women
My sex drive is naturally strong
I am blessed with powerful erections
My mind and body are primed for sex
I am a highly sexual person

This audio is uses Theta Brainwaves with 432 hz the perfect combination for immersion. The affirmations are whispered so that it hits the subconsciousness mind.

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