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Hello. My Music and fitness loving fellow humans. I have created a smooth, easy listening workout techno beats for you, and posted to my youtube
channel along with other producers with their permit, these beats are the smoothest, most relaxing beats I could find, most are free and can be downloaded for free,
but some can be downloaded for a small donation.

During these hard and difficult times, I want people to FEEL GOOD, and these beats can do that for you.
,I would love for you to check it out and if you like it, I would appreciate a comment or subscription or/and a small donation for which you will receive a download, some proceeds will
go toward helping others during this hard time.

This beat, I created for you is very smooth and you will love it, with the gym workout or not, even though our youtube channel is still VERY small
we want to give you the best.

Music is food for the soul and can be key to maintaining a good vibe and staying positive or having a good workout, that's you can recieve when subscribing to
our youtube channel and listening to or purchasing our beats.

I know you might have questions, so I created some questions that you might have about what I am offering with my beats and I will answer them.

What are you offering and How is it different?

I have created, along with some very talented friends some very smooth, good vibe beat for you and your friends. We currently have a youtube channel with
our own created beat along with other beat that we have the rights to post on to youtube, so you are not only listening to our created beats, but you are
also we post from other producers, but we do our best to find the smoothest, most relaxing beats and songs that can be found and post them on our youtube channel

Some people post the dance type beats and songs, and we have that as well,
The people that I work with have their own unique style of production, when creating beats for workouts at the gym or just vibe to.
Each of our creations are unique and will help you with your workout at the gym, doing your morning or nighttime jogging, or lifting weights at home
We do not have any vocals with this beat that we are offering, if that is fine with you, but we might have some in the future. The other beats and song on our youtube channel
can be downloaded for free

What's in it for me?

We have created this beat, just for you and your workouts or just for you downtimes relaxing. That is our gift to you. Plus the download price is low.
of course we have to pay for the production cost of the beat. Don't worry you will not be charged $30 for a download of a little mp3. Just little
for the production cost, food, help us pay some bills and help others survive the times we are in, that's all. You can also subscribe to our
youtube channel and download some the free beats and songs from other videos featuring other producers.

How did you create this beat, are you for real?

My friends and I worked very hard getting the logistics together, then going through all the technical problems that come
with beat production. Of course, I'm for real! We have a youtube channel that features not only

Why should I listen to your beats and subscribe to your youtube channel?

Well you really don't have to, it's all up to you, and your choice, but I will say that my and my production partners take pride in our work and we really want you to
enjoy our work. Plus we want you to FEEL GOOD! Other producers of beat might not do that, but we do our very BEST to make our listeners happy on our channel, free downloads and custom beats.
We have a variety of beats and songs on our channel, while other channels have the upbeat, dance type beats we at least try to post the more
slow, smooth, easy listening beats that you can vibe to!, not to say that's all we have, but you get my point.

Are you still with me? If so, let's continue.

Why now?

We are living in very hard times and I think it's very healthily to be positive and have good vibes. Music is a powerful way of doing this
Why now? why not now!
Either you want to try to be positive during a time like this or not, it's up to you. I am just trying help that's all.

Why should I trust you?

You do not have to trust me at all, but I will say this we are trying to start a new youtube channel that wants to spread good vibes in this
difficult time and I want you to be apart of it, but it's up to you, to click on the link below, subscribe or listen to one of our beats and support us
it's your call.

How does your channel work behind the scenes?

We are a youtube channel for now and we might do a website in the near future. But we basically find the best and smoothest beats and songs that can be found
get permission to post them on youtube under a video and pictures that we also have permission to post. Sometimes we will have a custom beat or song made
that will be available to you for a fee and this will pay for production cost, food, artwork, and other things.

How do it get started?

All you have to do is click on the link of one of our recent beats and either subscribe to our channel and check out what we have posted or
view the feature link and download our most recent creation for a small fee to help promotion us and make more music, if you like what we are offering.

What do I have to loose?

Well you have 3 options:

1. You can ignore my offer and go about your business, it's your choice, but you might miss out on some great beats and songs
2. You can find another channel with beats and music, it's your choice, but you might miss out on some great beats and songs that they might not provide.
3. You can subscribe to our channel, get free downloads, and enjoy our in-house beats and songs that we have posted or custom made ourselves, again the choice is yours

Remember: Music is food for the soul and can be key to maintaining a good vibe and staying positive or having a good workout, that's you can receive when subscribing to
our youtube channel and listening to or purchasing our beats.

That what we are about!

Listen Here, Click here to support and subscribe. Thank You.