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How are your designer sunglass offer different than others?

Our offer of the designer sunglasses on this site is different from other websites because this offer includes not only the sunglasses, but the cleaning cloth
case, tags and certifications.

Not only that but we purchase from the best sources at the best prices, giving you the best savings, Heck you can even resell these if you want.

What is in it for me?

You do not have to go through the pain of paying over $400 dollars for name brand designer sunglasses, EVER! Become the envy of your friends knowing you purchased quality authentic designer
sunglasses for 40% or more lower than them!

How do I know this is real?

Our website has a team of people who look for the best designer sunglass sources and pass the savings on to you. Each pair comes with certification and papers from the manufactures directly
We offer a money back guarantee for all customers. You can also leave reviews and contact us if you have any questions.

What might be holding you back?.. What is the REAL problem

You might think that our products are expensive, but I am here to tell you that you are getting the best price, most of the sunglasses we offer at once was selling for
HUNDREDS of dollars, maybe a few years ago or even just a year ago, but we can offer these great sunglasses to you at a discount price. This is not YOUR FAULT,
most sellers online that sell designer sunglasses, do not give you a real discount at all! Maybe 5% discount at most.

The REAL problem is this, Most sellers do not have real sources, most sellers go on craigslist, ebay, offerup, etc, purchase used designer sunglasses from individuals, NOT
wholesalers, distributors that buy from the manufacuters directly or even the manufactures themselves, but we are different. This why you will pay too much for a pair of designer sunglasses
that is been handed down 4-7 times, and the purchase does not even include the case, cleaning cloths, tags or certifications

Remember:" Saving on purchases and Keeping money in your wallet is the key when looking for affordable authentic designer sunglasses and this is attainable through our special designer sunglasses offers
though our website"

Let's Keep Reading!

Who is to blame?

No one is to blame for this, these sellers are just trying to make money that is all, but since you are reading this message you are apart of a special group of people
who can benefit from the discounts that we offer not only for the _______________________________ and all other designer sunglasses that we offer, congrats!

Why Now?

WHY NOW!.. Why not now, Now is a good time, there are great deals on designer sunglassses and desginer goods as a whole, take advantage of this great opportunity, while time is limited.

How does this work?

Simple, your visit the page of the sunglasses or the product you want, purchase and we will send you an email with the tracking number for your product. If you have any questions
contact us, if you want to know the refund terms, shipping terms, exchange terms, etc. click here

How do you get started?

If you are on this product description page, all you have to do is purchase our product that is offered and begin the process.

What do I have to loose?

Well...You have 3 options:

1. You can ignore this message and the offers not benefit from the savings that we offer for our designer sunglasses and other goods

2. You can ignore this message, but continue to look at other designer good and sunglasses online with other websites, of course these other websites
MIGHT NOT have the following:

A. Low prices that you can benefit from, like us. You might have to pay full price for over used sunglasses, by full price I mean, $300-$400 dollars.
B. You might purchase designer sunglasses or goods that are not authentic, making you the joke of those around you.
C. You will have to spend more of your precious time looking for a great deal that might or might not be avaliable at the current time.
D. And lastly, my might order from a "Dropshipper" unknowly and will have to wait 4 weeks, just to recieve you sunglasses.
E. You might order from another website and not recieve your case or certifications or cleaning cloth. You may recieve only one of these features or worse, nothing at ALL!
F. 1 or even more of the above...WOW!

3. You can accept our offer and benefit from the following
A. Very low prices for authentic designer goods and sunglasses
B. 100% authentic brand name sunglasses and goods
C You will not have to waste time looking for the sunglasses you like, if you have your type
D. You will not have to worry about any "dropshipping" mistakes, all of your items are with us, so You will not have to wait weeks on end, You will receive a tracking number from either UPS or USPS
E. You will receive all the certifications, cases, tags, cleaning cloths that come with the sunglasses and goods. Unless it's stated on the purchase page, we will provide.
F. All of the above

So the choice is yours..but remember this offer is for a limited time only

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